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Seriously funny music

I aim to make you laugh and make you think.

People don’t have enough laughter in their lives (never enough, especially these days) and I want to do my small part to change that. And God knows there’s plenty to be aware of and angry about.



Doug grew up in America, came of age in Scotland, and has been bouncing between the US and the UK ever since. He never saw an instrument he didn’t want to play. Currently, that includes various styles of guitar, keyboards, upright bass, bass guitar, U-Bass bass ukulele, viola, mandolin, accordion, and singing bowl. He rather fancies playing the tuba or perhaps the helicon. He plays in various bands and feels sad to have left the late, lamented Appalachia fusion string band he spent several delightful years with in the English west country to return to America to be near his family.

These songs are all his own…

Appalachia albums:

[The Judgement] [Appalachia Live]